Dr. Deborah Coe

Qualitative Researcher


Phone : (202) 664-5700

Email : rwp@wesleyseminary.edu

Dr. Deborah Coe


Dr. Deborah Coe, the founder of Compass Consulting and Research, is a consultant in research methods and religious research. She directed the research team at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) based in Chicago and prior to that was the Director of Research for the Presbyterian Church (USA). She received her Ph.D. in sociology of religion from Purdue University. In her present role, Dr. Coe works collaboratively with clients to formulate and carry out research and evaluation and empower them to do their own research. Deb has served as a board member of the RRA and as an editorial board member of the Review of Religious Research, as well as on two committees of the SSSR.