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Quantitative Study

Quantitative Research
Denominational data partnerships
Data re-coding


  • Fall 2019. ELCA joins UMC as our first two denominational partners.
  • Summer 2020. Preliminary research reports send to denominations. 
  • Fall 2020. RWP receives 20-year trend data from denominations. 
  • October 2021. RWP reports on UMC congregations with multiple pastors.
  • December 2021. Data cleaning and re-coding complete.
  • Spring 2022. Compiling datasets by relevant topics and available denominational and national survey sources.
  • Summer 2022. Presentation of two preliminary research reports for review by the Advisory Group.
  • Fall 2022. Preliminary research reports sent to reviewers for feedback.
  • Winter 2023. Preparing research reports for posting on website and for further review.
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