Preliminary Research Reports

Trends in the First Two Decades of the 21st Century and Implications for the Future

Preliminary outline and reports for review and feedback. Posted as available. If reports are updated or edited after posting, a new date will appear on the report. Questions and feedback may be directed to Lovett Weems at

Changes in the Religious Landscape

Factors Impacting Clergy Trends

Changes in the Types of Clergy and Their Education

Changes in Clergy Demographics

Clergy Age Research Report
Blog – “Still Fewer Young United Methodist Elders in 2022”

Clergy Gender Research Report
Blog – “Clergywomen in the ELCA”

Clergy Race Research Report
Blog – “How are Clergy of Color Faring in the ELCA?”
Blog – “How are Clergy of Color Faring in White Protestant Denominations?”

Changes in Clergy Availability and Deployment Patterns

Changes in Personnel Funding Patterns

Findings, Conclusions, and Implications

The Shape of Leadership Needed for the Future